Maritza Jefferson-Gregory, Executive Director of Paradise Adolescent Homes (PAH), presented Mary with a ‘Special Recognition Award’. This honor is to recognize Mary’s leadership in involving our club in giving the girls in PAH homes in San Ramon suitcases, backpacks, pillows, lock box, and other items that would make their stay in a foster home more pleasant. Mary started this project about six years ago at the recommendation of Peggy Ebersole, wife of Bruce and a teacher at Del Amigo High School. The mission of PAH is to serve the needs of at-risked teenage girls in home setting, and give them the tools to transition to adulthood.
Mary Tuttle Special Recognition
Mary and Community Services Committee also organized a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Marie Calendars this last Thursday evening. The picture below are of several of the girls enjoying themselves at dinner.
Rotary Group Home Dinner