DSV Merger Vote

Time to decide:  are we merging or not?

The Clubs’ leadership has worked since this past summer with the other two clubs to get some direction and clarity on how a merged club would look like.  The size, synergies and ability to leverage our combined leadership to tackle the changes in the Rotary landscape have led to this direction.  While many questions remain, we strongly believe that every member of the three clubs will create a merged entity and respect each member’s opinions per the 4 Way Test.  In this effort, a lot of core items have been resolved through discussions and compromises such as the following:

Merged Club Bylaws – CLICK HERE

  • Danville Charter (since it’s the oldest will be used for the merge)

Proposed Operating Budget for 2024 – 2025 with Dues Structure when Clubs Merge – CLICK HERE

Foundation Outline of Resolution:

  • All clubs funds shall be merged into a single foundation with the following composition:
    • First 3 years
      • 4 members from SR
      • 4 members from DSV
      • 3 members from DAN
    • After the initial 3 years
      • 9 member board with 3 members elected every year for a 3 years terms.
    • General funds would be used based on a majority
    • Principal of an endowment would be used only if ¾ agree

Leadership for 2024-2025:

  • President:  Chris
  • President Elect:  Julie
  • President Elect-Nominee:  Claes
  • Community Service:  Claes
  • Past Presidents:  Terry, Patti, Leslie
  • Membership:  Terry
  • Youth:  Gary S
  • Secretary:  Kathy C
  • International:  Kathy G
  • Treasurer:  Judith
  • Fundraisers:  TBD
  • Fellowship:  TBD
  • Club Admin:  TBD

While not everything is fully ironed out, we have been meeting for months and many of the discussions will have to be ironed out through time, bonding, and melding things together.  Chris’s board has already started meeting to bring cohesion.  With everything for the new Rotary year needing to be planned, we need to identify whether DSV is fully committed to merging so Terry has the authority to complete paperwork.  Thus, please vote!

If you want to express, any concerns for the leadership to consider for next year then complete it and it will be provided to the new club’s board should we agree to a merger.


DSV Merger Vote